Medical Clinics

Our team travels to Les Cayes, Haiti to host medical clinics, bring supplies, and celebrate the school's graduates. The trip usually lasts one week. The first day is spent traveling from the airport in Port- au- Prince across the country to the school in Les Cayes. The second day we visit the school children, meet with the staff to prepare for the following days, and go explore the community. The third day is preparing the medication and supplies for the clinics. The next two days are the medical clinics. The sixth day is the school's graduation where the 5k and 6th grade students graduate. The final day is spent handing out clothes to the community before heading back to the states. 

Dr. White's first trip to Haiti in 2007 consisted of medical clinics for the locals. When the school opened in 2013, the clinics were moved to the school for the convenience of the families. The school children are seen on the first day and then the local community are invited to see the doctor for non-emergent needs. This continues to be the focus of his work in Haiti. 

Mission Trips