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Locally, nationally and internationally, Missions Of Love Haiti is an advocate for the hungry and displaced in Haiti. We travel to Haiti to help encourage Haitian Pastors.  We deliver food to orphanages and schools.  But most of all, we share the LOVE of CHRIST. We also serve the people of Appalachia in WV/VA.

Missions of Love - Haiti



2015 Kindergarten Graduates

From our directors of the school:

We have been in meetings with the Ministry of Education for the Les Cayes area. They invited us and have visited us during these days. They are very proud of us because in our school we receive all children. We do not turn away children with physical or developmental issues AND we have a good program for them. When they saw Dieune they were really touched that we would include a student with a physical handicap in our school and give him the opportunity for education that his siblings have offered to them. They are impressed that our FREE EDUCATION is a quality and professional education. We give the children the best we have to offer.  They are impressed with our night school program as well and want to attend the graduation program.

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3rd Annual Walk-4-Missions

Saturday, May 16  - 9 am - 1 pm

Wightman Walking Track - Prosperity, SC

Adults $10 -   Students $5    (t-shirt included)

Adult Night School Students

Current Needs:  shoes, school supplies and backpacks